Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our God Reigns.

There is something so beautiful about the rain. It can be so calming and peaceful at times and at other moments it can be heavy and harsh. I deeply love the rain. There is something so cleansing about it, healing even. After the rain, colors seem brighter, birds sing louder, flowers seem more prevalent, the clouds are fluffier and the sun feels warmer against our skin. No matter how heavy the rain or crazy the storm, the sun always eventually comes out. And such is with life. It does not matter how heavy the rain or how crazy the storm, the Son always eventually comes out. The thing about rainy days is that the sun is always there, even when dark clouds separate us from it and when we are unable to feel its warmth, it is still there. That is exactly how the Lord is. He is always there. The rain is sometimes inconvenient and lasts longer than we would have liked but how much sweeter does the sun seem after it has been unseen for a period of time? God allows the clouds to loom and the darkness to hoover so that the moment when we feel the Son again, it will be like coming home. We will have a new appreciation for something we might have taken for granted had we always been able to feel or see it, or in this case, Him. The rain cleanses, it purifies, almost gives us a fresh start. Soak it up. It will not be here for long. It is only temporary. The rain today will allow you to bask in the Son in a whole new way come tomorrow.

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