Friday, May 14, 2010

Just the beginning.

My friend and I were talking about blogging and journaling. It really got me thinking. I’ve never had a blog before, nor do I really feel like that many people would be that interested in reading it but I do think there is value in writing down your thoughts and opinions. Some people do that in the form of writing songs, others do it through poetry, photography, art… but none of those truly define me. Writing notes, journaling, now those are things I love. This might be better if for no other reason than I have spell check on my computer (:

I am excited about this. I am excited to start blogging, to start trying to think more creatively. Now, I just have to figure out where I want to begin, where do I want to start. I guess starting right where I’m at would be the best place. So, this is where I’m at. I cannot believe that there is only two weeks of school left. Graduation is two weeks from tomorrow and even though I am not one of the people walking across the stage, many of the people that have been most influential during my time here at Biola so far will be. It is a bitter sweet feeling. I think most of us would agree that coming to the end of a season of life is always bitter sweet. I’m excited for what the next one will bring: the challenges, memories, triumphs, laughs and everything that goes along with the sweet. The bitter comes with the coming to an end. In some ways the change. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that change is a good thing but it can be difficult. It is hard to think about how things will never be exactly the same as they are right now. Sometimes that is a good thing; sometimes we just aren’t ready for that. I am somewhere in the middle. There are a few things that I do desire to change and other aspects that I would love to keep the way they are. It all happens so fast, life. Sometimes I wish there was a pause button that I could push just so I could sit back and soak it all in. This past year seems like a blur. By now it is a collage of memoires. It is hard not to smile when I think back on it all. This year brought many things with it, new friends, real conversations, old friends coming back into my life, tears, joy, pain, laughter, decisions, choices, growth and so much more. Just thinking about all the moments that God intervened on my behalf is amazing to me. If I had done things my way, things would have been different and being able to look back on it now, I know that it wouldn’t have been for the better. It is funny how God always knows best and yet we still struggle to trust Him with every aspect of our lives. Why is that? I would say it is because we love having control. We want to think that we know best. I praise God for this past year, for this past semester, for Him knowing best. His hand has been in ALL of it. It’s not over yet. Two weeks. 14 days. It seems like the end is almost here and yet, it is just the beginning.

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